Friday, May 13, 2011

List for the Universe to Accomplish

I'd like to share an awesome idea that I learned from Lola Jones, which is to make a list of things that you want or need, but that feel impossible for you to accomplish, and then let the universe provide it for you.  Essentially, you make the list, intend that a solution is found or the result you want arrives, and let go of trying to force it to happen.  You don't work on the items, you don't stress about them, you just put them on the list, and wonder in an innocent way, "I wonder how this will happen for me?"

Then, you just go about your life, and notice when something lines up in a way that matches what you want.  In those moments, you follow up, rejoice, and simply enjoy that you have gotten what you needed and the universe took care of you.

I have had remarkable success with this list already and have only really had one for about a month or two.  At first all I had on there was thank you for all the money coming in.  And lo, money started coming in!  Then I added, more clients, and artists to take them.  Improved relationships between my loved ones.  There was more but I already forgot it because I got it all already and have since made a new list.

Yesterday a tattoo artist from a shop in a neighboring state came by and wanted to work here.  His work is excellent, he has a load of clients, and will start with us next week.  This is a perfect solution, just what I wanted and didn't know how to get!  All of my relationships are getting a lot smoother and happier.  I am getting more relaxed.

I threw out my old list after raving about how awesome it is that I have gotten everything I asked for.  Now I have one that lists paying off my business credit card, flowing more money for myself and my workers, getting our house cleaned up and ready to sell for a great price, and even better health.  I can't wait to see how that all comes to pass.  Whoo -hoo!

The greatest part of it all is that I really have started to get out of my own way.  When I try to plot and force things along a specific path, it all gets difficult and messy.  I do things I think I should do instead of things I want to do or that feel good.  This way I can just do things that feel good and stop doing things that feel bad to get what I think I want.  I am learning that I can get what I want with a lot less work.  I can get it just because it wants to happen anyway, and I can just enjoy it and have even more energy to do even more fun things.

Yesterday I even did a drawing for the show that hangs tonight and opens tomorrow.  I never would have had the energy to do something like that even a month ago.  Lightening up is pretty awesome.  I am not worrying about my schedule as much.  I am not worrying that I need to force efforts to get clients to come in.  Instead I think, "thanks for all my awesome clients," and when they are sparse, I think, "thanks for the time to relax and get inspired."  Ideas are flowing, art is flowing, and clients are actually requesting more and more of what I actually want to do now. 

Life is good, people!  Make a list and enjoy.  :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sick for a week

I had the most impressive cold last week.  Actually, I still have it - it's been eight days today.  It started with just a tickle in the back of the throat and quickly blossomed into a full-blown lung-crushing wracking cough, replete with gross mucous and stuffed head and nose.  Today the cough is a lot less, most of the grossness having been expelled over the last several days.  But I am still marveling at how clinging this bug has been.  It's exhausting!

 I am reminded of the illnesses of my youth, when I was constantly on medication from about November until April every year with bronchitis, asthma and horrible colds and flus.  This sickness felt like that, causing the extreme difficulty in breathing that I remember as a kid.  I was prepared to have Derek take me to the clinic on Saturday to see if I had pneumonia.   But by the end of that day I was starting to clear up, and today I am remarkably better, if not completely well yet. 

It's my hope that this is all old energy and habits moving out of me.  I would be thrilled if this is the last illness of its ilk that I ever experience.  I'd be thankful to never wheeze again, have wet and heavy lungs, or the kind of stuffed nose that takes weeks to clear out.  So, thank you illness for clearing all this junk out of me, and may I never experience a lengthy and painful illness again!