Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What we Feel is What we Get

I recently read something that spoke about how it is not so much thoughts that create our reality, but feelings.  The thoughts we hold onto create feelings, and the feelings then manifest our reality.  I believe that they are onto something here - it is true that when I am happy, happy things happen, more happy things happen, and better conversations spontaneously arise.  The books speaks about how we often unconsciously hold onto feelings or stuff them down, where they still exist and create our circumstances - and then we wonder why these things are happening to us, when in fact we are calling them in with our feeling.

The gist of the article is that we need to acknowledge feelings and let them evolve into happier ones, rather than ignoring or suppressing feelings we don't like and letting them fester.  When we do that, circumstances arise that match the hidden feelings, and we bring more of it to us.

I wonder why we find it so scary to feel sad or scared or lonely or angry, depressed or miserable?  Obviously those feelings aren't pleasant, but I agree that if they are felt without giving them more meaning than simply, "I am feeling bad right now," it quickly stops hurting and feels a little better.  The surmise of the article and book even is that if we let go of the stories we tell ourselves about how we got where we are and replace them with better stories, or eventually even let go of stories altogether, we can create anything we want.  It takes time, but slow and steady attention to feeling eventually makes us the master of our lives.

I have found this to be true so far in regards to work, and I want to make it true across the board for me.  As I let go of my story of lack, incompetence, inability to trust, and poverty, things are picking  up speed and happiness with alacrity.  My chair is full most days, the phone is ringing, classes are starting to fill up.  I am relaxed and even hopeful again.  There is still a bit of resistance in me to receiving this amount of awesome abundance, but I am learning to let go.  It's nice.  I want to do that with relationships and parents and friends now, too!

Anyway, this is what is on my mind today.  I'm busy autoclaving a week's worth of tattoo tools, and it's been a long time since we've had four batches to run just to keep up.  I like it!  Bring me more awesomeness, universe!  Yay!

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