Monday, January 10, 2011

Daruma Doll Intention

Kagami Biraki was on Saturday, and Derek came with me to the dojo for four hours of meditation, ceremony and physical training.  Over half was actual workout, and today and yesterday we both have been walking around the house feeling very sore.  Nothing like jumping into an intense workout to remind you that your body has been pretty neglected for a while.  Whew!  My triceps and stomach muscles are so tired!

During the ceremony we dedicated our daruma dolls toward whatever goal we set for ourselves for training over this year.  It was great to see so many people all gathered together with intention to grow.  My goal is one of learning to relax, interestingly enough.  I want to truly become OK with doing just three things each day.  Not twenty, not zero, but three things.  The real intent is to find a more manageable pace for myself.  I'd rather have endurance throughout the years of my life by continually accomplishing things at a slower pace than to always rush and stop, haphazardly doing things and not quite completing them to their best advantage.

Already, I am finding it easier.  Three things per day quickly reduces my lists.  It also allows for fun time, time with friends, time with Derek, time to read.  I can do three things thoughtfully, completing them well instead of just getting through it and on to the next thing.  I'm feeling happier about it.  I'm opening up to the idea that life can be and is a lot more fun than I believed before.  Work doesn't have to be hard or boring or annoying or scary or intimidating.  It can be fun, rewarding, easy, creative and joyful.

Tomorrow I am going in earlier than usual since we'll be snowed out on Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to it, actually.  I want to get my autoclave cleaned, the air compressor drained, and do some tattooing.  I also want to get references printed out for painting on Wed from home, since I will be snowed in.  I have the Tattooed Goddesses show at Off the Map soon, and have yet to get a painting started.  Well, tomorrow is as good as any to start.

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