Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fisrt Look at Meridians

Though I was a bit run down, I am glad that I went to my first Kosho class on Tuesday night, and stayed for the philosophy class as well.  I had a hard time concentrating in the second one, but did manage to get through.  I worked yesterday and then went to bed early.  I slept nearly 11 hours straight and am thinking of taking a nap soon.  This cold is very draining!

We worked on learning meridians of energy and which organs and elements each meridian corresponds to.  I remember a few of them and am getting more familiar with the elements in general and which organs correspond to them.  I am thrilled to have found an entire school of people  who work with energy and understand it.  This is something I have been doing on my own for years but with no informed knowledge.  It is great to get some insight into why energy moves the way it does, and the ways it gets caught or stagnant.

I think I am good at feeling energy and noticing the nature of it, at least a little bit.  I have been aware of it for many years, and used to be able to name who had come into a room without hearing or seeing them, just based on feeling.  I stopped that over a decade ago because it seemed to be unusual and made people nervous.  I stopped paying attention.  But it is true that our senses extend well beyond our bodies, and once we become aware of that, we can digest a lot more about the world around us.

Where do I stop and you begin?  Is it as far as I can see?  Smell?  Taste?  Hear?  Is it how far my influence extends?  Limiting ourselves to our physical bodies is arbitrary and limiting, though I believe that my body is a core of myself.  Perhaps it is the most concentrated portion of myself there is.  But my mind can travel vast distances instantly, I can hear sounds from miles away and occasionally see as far.  Tattoos I have created are all over the world, a part of the people who asked for them.  My words and actions have effected hundreds of people.  We are not so cut off.  And we don't have to be as ignorant of this fact as to deny the senses we experience that are beyond our body.

I am very excited to learn the directions that energy moves, and the body parts that are associated with different elements and emotions and physical disorders.  I think that understanding these things will improve what I can give in tattooing.  It could make placement even more purposeful, and give more insight into individual's needs with the imagery they choose for a particular area.  There could be great healing in combining this knowledge with tattooing, and I am happy to be finding a way to learn it.  This feels like knowledge that should have been known by everyone, but got lost somehow.

I continually have so much that I want to learn and apply to living.  Starting with healing myself, I am getting a personal look into how our bodies and minds work.  It's fascinating!

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