Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have had a tickle in the back of my throat for over a week now.  Having had lots of travel before me, I pushed through my days without allowing myself to get sick.  This is something I think many of us do.  We will delay illness to complete what we consider important.  I made it through a convention, a wedding, and a day of work before a bout of asthma added itself to the mix.  This evening, I am allowing myself to succumb to the cold.

Within an hour of this decision, a cough has surfaced, I am sneezing, and my throat is well on its way to becoming truly sore.  How amazing we are that we can know that sickness is coming, but put it off for weeks just for convenience sake!

Our bodies are a marvel.  I wonder how quickly we would recover from illnesses if we actually rested at the beginning of them rather than pushing rest off until the last possible moment?  I won't know this time.  I pretended I didn't need rest and recovery for at least seven days.  If this compounded the amount of time I will now suffer, I am unable to know by how much.  I suspect that for each delayed hour a sickness gains deeper tenure in our cells.  If handled immediately, we could perhaps spare ourselves hours and days of incapacitation.  I expect to be laid up through tomorrow at least.

Interestingly, I am looking forward to it.  It's a weird aspect of my lifestyle that I feel I need the excuse of sickness in order to slow down and lay low sometimes.  I want to get better at claiming breaks as much as activity.  But for now, in the early stages of my progress towards becoming a balanced human being, sickness allows for a break in a much more immediate and tangible way than simply knowing I should take one.  Now I need one.  Hehehe.

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