Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Heat

There is surely something to our moods and bodies that is linked with the seasons and the weather.  Today the heat at work was once again not working properly, and it was very cold.  While my spirits are up and I enjoyed working on the tattoo, both myself and my client had a hard time getting through five hours together in the cooler climate.

It's difficult to stay warm while staying relatively still.  My client's limbs were cold, and eventually there was no getting around goose-bumps.  My own arms and hands got progressively colder even though initially they had been warm with a rush of enthusiasm for the piece and being creative.

Tomorrow we will have the heat fixed, but this evening made me think about the rhythms of nature.  When it's cold, we want to burrow and snuggle in.  Focused activity should be very short.  It's not a time for new projects, or long hours of intense labor.  What seems to work best is lots of time for introspection, using the long dark hours for planning future endeavors, and being cozy with things just as they are.  Otherwise it is just an uncomfortable struggle, even when things are going well.  It is just hard-won successes.

I am going to enjoy a couple of days more of sleeping in and reading.  I am not motivated to start a new campaign of work ideas right now.  Truthfully, becoming more centered on what I already had going on anyway is very grounding and rewarding.  I think I am doing better at it all because I am finally realizing what I already had.

I have a lot of thoughts I want to write about, but eloquence is beyond me tonight.  Perhaps tomorrow, with nothing needful of doing beyond a few dishes, will be a fruitful writing day.

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