Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Does One Begin a Meditation Practice?

I've been noticing that it is a lot easier for me to meditate when I picture something happening.  I have to follow the breath and picture it like an ocean tide, in and out, in order to stay with it for any length of time.  If I am just being still and "blank" too many thoughts come in and I don't notice very well that I am thinking until I am bored of sitting still and wander off.  When picturing waves or following the feeling of warmth from the in-breath into my belly and out again, I can calm down and notice extraneous thoughts a lot easier.

I actually like meditating when it calms me.  I know that this isn't the point of it so much - the point is just to do it and notice what you are thinking or feeling.  But I like it a lot more when the thoughts finally slow down and stop slamming into my consciousness with force.  For me, it is a lot more successful when I don't have anything else to be doing, or feel like I could/should be doing.  Far from being a priority, I relegate the stillness to a back burner.  I should be reading, or drawing, or cleaning, or catching up on emails.  I should be out for a walk, or cooking, or spending time with Derek since there is so little time for that.  It feels selfish to schedule a time for meditation during the hours that Derek is home with me.  And yet I don't find myself doing meditation in the mornings, because I spend those hours waking up, washing, last-minute work drawing or emailing, and sometimes wanting to relax and read or play a game or play with the cat.

Does anyone I know have a successful meditation practice?  How do they establish it and make it a welcomed part of their day instead of constantly shoving it to "another time" because sitting around watching TV seems more convenient.  Is meditation even supposed to be convenient?

I see that I do get a lot out of the practice, when I do it, and I can see how with regular practice I could be a lot more chilled out and more present.  I would like to do that for myself.  How to start making it a habit?

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Catherine said...

I have started doing Maya Fiennes kundalini yoga which actually includes a lot of moments of being and meditating within it - it seems to work for me and I really feell good doing it and after. nice music too...can you get it in the states?