Sunday, February 6, 2011

Storms of Spring

There was a thunder storm last night - so wonderful!  For me, the thunder signals the advance of Spring, and for me the Spring can't come soon enough this year.  It's been cold and icy and snowy for months.  Far more snow than we usually get, with over 3 feet on the ground here and the pile around the driveway closer to 5 1/2 feet for much of January.  I am glad to see it melting today and looking forward to clearer roads and the ability to get to work again on a regular basis.

I love the refreshing quality of rain, and especially thunder storms.  The lightening and thunder are energizing, and make the air feel cleaner and more free somehow.  Like any stuff caught in the ethers gets dissolved, making space for brighter and lighter thoughts.  And the clap of the thunder and rolling grumbles of it seem to respond to everyone and everything, like if you reach out in thought to it, it answers.  A conversation with the sky, a connection to the vastness of creation as the light and sound move, and the rain falls to wash everything with its cleansing touch.

Today is a day of getting the boring legwork done on projects - converting files so I can pick which references to use for the acupuncture charts, getting the Bouguereau master copy with tattoos sealed up and ready to frame, mounting the next painting so I can start on it tomorrow, and updating the newsletter email list.  Stacey's birthday party is tonight, and I am looking forward to that, too.  And reading!  All is well with the world.

I welcome the onset of warmer times with open arms and a hopeful heart.  May this month be full of exciting tattoos, great friends, yummy food, and outdoor fresh air.  Let's pay down a lot of debt, make strides to be even more well-known as a studio, and get started on the house projects that will make this house sellable in the Summer.  Once the snow is gone, I'd like to get our deck redone and the addition re-drywalled.  It's all going to come together in a happy way.

Time to get those paintings ready!

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