Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I am Happy About

It's sunny and warm out!
Had a wonderful date with my husband yesterday.
We have lots of yummy real food in the fridge, so I don't have to eat canned soup today.
Work was busy last week and we're making money!
I have a cat purring on my lap.
I have lots of books to read and have been reading every day, which I like.
I have a chiropractic appointment and massage this evening - yay!
I had a student I don't know sign up for my painting class, which is really cool.
I got to sleep in for two days, and feel a lot better having rested.
Our plants are doing well and getting bigger as the sun is out longer.
The snow is melting, finally.
We have lots of pretty blue jays coming to the bird feeder each day.
I have been seeing animals out and about every day, which makes me smile.
Derek has been helping me with cleaning the house a lot more since I started cleaning a lot more.  It's a good cycle.
Friends have been stopping by to say hello and hang out with me more frequently.  I feel loved and appreciated - yay!
Derek went out with the guys last night!
I am feeling more secure that work is taking care of me and itself, which is a great feeling.
I get to have a nice hot shower in a moment.
We bought some lovely soap from Lush! that I look forward to using.
I love the scent of the hand soap we have in the bathroom. (raspberry vanilla)
My breakfast cereal was very satisfying.
We will get money back from our taxes.  Yay!
A friend posted a recipe for thai iced tea and I can't wait to make it.

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