Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I am Happy About

My car runs awesome and gets me places.
It's getting ever warmer, and only rain is in the forseeable forecast, not ice and snow!
I'm making green beans and mushrooms for dinner.  Yum.  :)
Work is getting more fun, and our guest artist Loic is very funny.  It's nice to meet someone who gets along well with everyone at the studio so quickly.  I hope he visits CT more often!
Even though I burned my tongue on my tea this afternoon, my tastebuds are regenerating speedily.  I am a healing machine.  Yeah!
My bed is comfy and has my husband in it to snuggle with.
Derek bought me a very pretty old clock at the auction last week and I find it calming to listen to.
I ate a yummy burrito this afternoon, and the green beans and mushrooms just now were delightful.
The ice near my car in the driveway is almost gone.
The satin soap I rediscovered is doing wonderful things for my skin.
I have almost all of my drawings for work completed.  Only two more to go.
I get to paint tomorrow night and teach people about oil paint.
I get to do a tattoo of wolves tomorrow!
I may start brainstorming a crow tattoo for myself soon as well.
I am making new friends and feeling loved.
Money is flowing to me and I am feeling generous and glad.
The credit card bill is shrinking and I am reducing it quickly.
People are interested in Jordu's class and more will sign up soon.
I am getting more sleep and it is improving my energy level.  Last night I wasn't nearly as warm as I was the night before.  I am getting healthier!

Time to meditate and go to bed.  And read.  I am feeling fairly lively.  Probably because I just finished eating dinner.  Yum.  Food really is a joy.  Thank you, food!

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