Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finally Resting, and Moxa

Today I managed to sleep and sit and rest for over half the day.  It was much needed.  I actually feel that I need a few more days like this, so I would like to plan for Sunday to be a sleep in and sit day as well.  No cleaning.  No post office runs and bank errands and moving furniture.  No hours spent updating photos for the website and facebook and trying to think of newsletter articles to write, since my mind is clearly unwilling to focus on such things right now.  Every time I try I lose steam or forget where I am going with thoughts.  I end up unable to write a clear article on what is going on with work, frustrated by my inability to plan and forge ahead.  I think it's my mind's way of telling myself to stop and rest already.  There is nothing to do that needs to be done right now.  If I value my health and sanity, just stop!

After nine hours of sleep, a long time spent sitting on the couch with Sherazade and watching a movie, and a nice hot shower, I felt a lot better than I have in days.  The asthma calmed down.  I feel tired and at a very low energy level, but overall calmer and more able to face the world.  I did the half of the moxibustion kata I can reach on myself (legs, wrist and abdomen).  It was helpful, and I think as I do it more I will get a better understanding of what it is actually doing to my energy levels and how each point relates to the whole of me. 

Each pillar as it burns down feels like a tight pinch when I get it right and it smolders down to the skin.  I had a harder time letting the second pillars burn down far enough to feel them most of the time.  But I got better at it as I went.  Some felt hot right away, and a few I barely felt even when I did manage to get them burned down correctly.  Eventually after about three passes on every point they almost all felt hot, so I stopped.  I will try it again maybe on Sunday and see where I am at.  I still want to try it on Derek, too, and see if he feels a difference.

At any rate, I am going to wind down and get more sleep.  I am glad to be at last taking the time for myself to recover.  Ahhh.

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