Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Resolutions Starting to Form

Had some lovely ideas about where the gallery space can evolve from where it is and ways to make my business more cohesive and fun again (for me and everyone else who works there.)  Having a year plan makes me feel happy and excited about where we are going again.  And I like simplification.  It's hard to focus on getting anything done well when we have so many things going on.  Better to make sure they all revolve around one theme than to try and be everything to everyone.

My big lessons for the year all have been about learning to focus and stop spreading my energy around thoughtlessly.  I'd rather gain some depth in a few areas than to merely brush over hundreds of things.  It is hard to be a trendsetter or the leader even in one area.  If I keep trying to do that both as a tattoo business and as a gallery business, I am setting myself up for failure and difficult times.  I think I can run an amazing tattoo studio, and I do already.  And this year proved that I can make great things happen in my gallery space as well.  If the will is there, anything is possible.  It's just realizing that the will only spreads so far.

I am feeling happy to have had a great discussion with my manager and to be on the same page about visions for the studio and ways to get there and make it happen.  So, the new year plan will be coming into focus over the winter, and we'll start to solidify the changes as the year moves forward.  I'd love to see everything complete a transition before the end of September so we can have a huge two year anniversary bash in October and really make it official.  I do so love my space and my work family.  I can't wait to see it all get a little more cohesive and branded, and lose the scheduling and coordination drama that has been giving me so much stress.  It's gonna be great!

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