Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Connections

Sometimes it is such a delight that people want to work with me!  I am thrilled beyond words at the prospect of working with the animals and humans at Earthfire this summer.  I can't wait, and am thrilled that a connection is being made between us all.  So happy! 

Also, in getting my Model Mayhem account set up for the acupuncture chart work I am starting, I am surprised and delighted at how easy it is to have responses from models to a casting call.  I had feared this would be difficult but I have tens of responses in under 24 hours.  I will get to pick and choose - how lovely!

Getting projects completed is starting to gain some force.  Today I tackle the work newsletter and update online portfolios.  It is cold out and feeling much more like Winter every day.  Snuggling in with tea and a book after the writing is done will be wonderful.  Maybe Derek and I will get the couch repairs further along as well?  Who knows.  I am feeling positive that all is moving forward well in all areas of my life.  On to complete a project!

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