Friday, December 10, 2010

Learning Some Stuff, and a Good Week

Class last night was juken study.  We learn how to feel our own energy through our center into the other person's center via whatever connection we have with their body.  The goal yesterday was to move the other person to the ground, preferably so they couldn't get up, without using force.  It's hard!  But it was amazing to try it out and have a few tries be successful.  I really like the energy classes.

Now, I am looking forward to a goken class to start learning the more forceful stuff.  And I want to try out the brushwork as well.  So much to learn!  I think I am finally learning the bowing in and out a bit better.  I see how to kneel and stand up now, anyway.  I have a bad habit to break with the standing bow.  I always put my hands on the side of my thighs instead of on top of them.  Old lessons learned die hard.  I guess that's how we get caught in so many bad habits.  They aren't noticed but by the time they are, they have become embodied.

This week has been much busier at the studio.  Even with Tuesday off for recovery, I have tattooed 11 hours already.  I hope that the coming year works much like this.  I like being busy at this steady pace which I can keep up with.  Productive, relaxed and happy.  Four hours per day of tattooing is perfect.  It allows plenty of time for the other aspects of work without having to rush.

I am looking forward to the weekend and getting on top of forgotten drawings and housework.  I even have a massage lined up for Monday.  Yay!  Back to work for now, though.

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